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MacEdition Guide to CSS2 Support in Mac-only Browsers: Notes on iCab

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Hiding CSS from iCab

Other comments: iCab

About this page

This page was compiled by CodeBitch and hosted by MacEdition, based on analysis of the CSS1 and (some of the) CSS3 Selectors Test Suites provided by the W3C, Eric Meyer’s CSS2 Test pages, CSS2 Test pages provided by Richinstyle, and CodeBitch’s own tests of CSS compatibility, with added information from pages provided by Johannes Koch, Albin.Net, Ian Hickson and David Baron. Some information was initially drawn from other compilations of bug information for Safari, and from the Konqueror documentation, but all such information has been independently verified by CodeBitch.

No warranties are given on the correctness of this page, since this depends both on the correctness of the tests and correctness of my interpretation of the tests. All reasonable efforts have been made to ensure accuracy. Corrections, clarifications and updates for new versions of these browsers will be gratefully appreciated. Thanks are due to Matt McIrvin, the rest of the MacEdition staff, and numerous dedicated web developers with Macs, who have sent comments, diagnoses and screenshots.

Last Modified: 14 April 2003 (9:30PM AEST)